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Covid Medicines Delivery Units

A solution for your CMDU that can be tailored to fit with your systems and processes. From the intial contact from patients through to gathering feedback on your service and generating reports. Our solution can provide you with efficient workflows and bespoke insights into how and when your service is used and by whom.

Our solution for Covid Medicine Delivery Units (CMDU) was developed in response to a request from an ICS. We worked closely with the commissioned organisation to develop a solution using PurpleForms. They now have a bespoke solution which works exactly how they want it to. This helps the ICS by diverting these contacts from GPs to the commissioned organisation; the commissioned organisation can deal with the requests in the most efficient manner for them; and patients get the quickest service available because they are going directly to the service whose focus is to deal with their need.

Alongside our PurpleForms solution for CMDUs we can also provide social media and communications management services should that be of help to organisations wanting to promote the service more widely to patients.

You can see an example of our Covid solution being used in the Humber and North Yorkshire ICS.

For more information about our products please visit the PurpleSites product page or the PurpleForms product page.

If you're intested in learning more about our solutions for CMDUs, please call us on 01748 889579 or fill in our contact form and we'll call you back.