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Secure online forms application

PurpleForms is a secure online forms application specifically designed to allow organisations to capture special category personal data in line with UK data protection legislation. The forms can also be used to capture other data (other than special category data) and users can upload files as part of the form.

One of the strengths of PurpleForms is its flexibility. While there are standard forms with standard workflows to enable organisations to get started quickly and easily, we can also adapt forms. Adapting forms means that they can fit into your existing or preferred systems and processes. As well as capturing information PurpleForms can provide insights and reports based on that data. These reports can also be tailored so you don't have to spend time manually manipulating data once its exported from PurpleForms.

For NHS customers the application is DTAC assessed; DTAC includes undertaking clinical risk management activities which comply with DCB0129.

PurpleForms offers the following features:

PurpleForms includes a wide range of forms as standard. These forms can be used for patients and staff. Standard forms include patient and staff surveys, admin enquiries, medical referrals.

Alongside standard forms you can have bespoke forms created to capture exactly the data required by your organisation. Just ask us and we will assess your form and advise what can be done.

PurpleForms is not just about capturing data. It also provides insight and analysis of who's using your services and why they are using them.

We can provide reports tailored to your exact requirements so you don't have to spend time manipulating exported data. With PurpleForms you click on the export button and your data can be provided to you in the exact format you need.

PurpleForms can include customised workflows. This means that PurpleForms can fit your systems and processes rather than you having to fit around another digital service. This helps you to operate a peak performance, knowing that processing of the form is kept as efficient as possible for your organisation.

Any data entered into a form is always encrypted in transit and at rest.

Records can be deleted in line with an organisation’s record keeping policy.

Records are securely deleted. We perform the equivalent of an electronic shredding process, when it’s deleted you (nor we) can get the data back.

Staff have individual user accounts to access the application to enable full traceability and transparency of activity.

You can require staff login to be linked to two factor authentication. Whenever you add a staff account it will use two factor authentication unless you opt to switch it off.

There is a full audit trail of access to, and deletion of, personal data along with other important events such as logins and changes to the setup of the application.

The application and all data is hosted and stored in the UK.

Data is backed up every night.

Files can be uploaded as part of the data collection process used by a form.

PurpleForms is accessible to WCAG2.1 AA

PurpleForms is fully responsive so will work just as well on a mobile device, tablet or computer screen.

To help increase service users' confidence you have the option to use custom domains, e.g.