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Why Purple Healthcare Solutions?

Purple Healthcare Solutions creates solutions for the health and care sector designed around the needs of service users and staff.  Our first solution was to provide websites built around the concept of Digital Care Navigation; this helps patients to find the information they want quickly and easily online. 

There will still be occasions when service users can't find the answer and in those situations they can contact services using our online forms platform, PurpleForms.  PurpleForms can be tailored to fit with a services specific needs and way of working, to maximise efficiency for the service. 

PurpleForms is more than just a way of gathering information from service users, it can also help services with insights and analysis of who's using the service, why they use it, and when they typically contact the service.  This helps services to better understand the needs of their service users and they can then adjust their service offering should they feel that would be beneficial.




Developed specifically for the medical sector



Designed around a Digital Care Navigation



Syndicated content from the NHS website



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