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Bexley MSK Case Study

The Task

Bexley MSK service (operated by Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust) has a huge library of self-help information for patients but didn’t have an effective way for patients to access it. They wanted to be able to provide it online as part of the patient journey to help patients self-manage.

With the introduction of an online self-referral system for patients in their area it was the ideal time to make their self-help information available online as part of the patient journey. The intention is to help patients help themselves first. By providing the self-help information before patients contact the service, patients can use that information, including exercises that will help, before they contact the service.

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The Solution

Purple Healthcare Solution’s active signposting service offered Bexley MSK the ideal solution.  It helps patients quickly find information about their specific condition, access relevant advice and exercises, and watch videos about the condition, all of which are curated by Bexley MSK’s expert staff.  If they still need to contact Bexley’s team, Purple Healthcare’s service links the patient directly to Bexley’s online consultation system so the patient can provide information about their condition.  When the patient’s request arrives at the service, Bexley’s staff know patients have had an opportunity to view the self-help, which means they can approach the treatment of the patient with this in mind.  When patients are receiving treatment, Bexley’s staff can quickly and easily provide links to relevant information on the site.  

The signposting service is also used by local GPs and other healthcare professionals to help patients who come to them with MSK related conditions.  They can point people to the online service and can easily download and print a copy of the information for patients who don’t have access to it.


Heather Ritchie, Service Manager at Bexley MSK says:

“The digital signposting service from Purple Healthcare Solutions has been extremely helpful in allowing us to work more efficiently and make available to our patients, the public, and local healthcare professionals, the huge library of self-help information which we’ve created.  The information is available all day, every day, and can now be accessed without our staff always needing to respond to an enquiry from a patient and send them an attachment or a hard copy.  This supports those who are able to self-manage, and means that staff can focus on seeing those who need further support.  We know from feedback from patients and colleagues that they find the resource library very helpful, and now patients are able to view and use this information before they contact us and while they’re receiving treatment.  The product and service from Purple Healthcare Solutions has been excellent, they’ve been extremely responsive to our service needs and together we have developed a library of self-management resources which is in keeping with best practice guidelines for MSK services.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐