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what is digital care navigation

How Digital Care Navigation is changing the way GP practices run

What is Digital Care Navigation?

Our Digital Care Navigation acts as an online triage within all of the healthcare sites we develop. It aids the pressure that is put upon GP practices, by helping to manage the demand of patients. Digital Care Navigation provides patients with a convenient alternative to calling or visiting GP surgeries, by directing them to accurate and reliable information that supplies them with concise action points or answers to their questions and queries. Enabling people to help themselves.

How does Digital Care Navigation work?

It is of no surprise that people do not use their local GP surgery staff to source reliable information or reassurance of their ailment. It is because, with poor navigation across many GP websites, it is quicker to call directly or visit in person. However, this puts a great deal of pressure and strain on the GP practice staff and renders them unable to prioritise to their full potential. Digital Care Navigation is the digital counterpart of calling or visiting your GP practice. A simple system that when presented with a query or illness, directs the user straight to a solution. This may be information on how to help something minor like headaches, or recommendations about the nearest sexual health clinic for queries of that nature. The Digital Care Navigation may come to the conclusion that the user needs to contact their local practice, and it is at this point where they would make direct contact.

Why is it necessary?

Ultimately, our Digital Care Navigation aims to solve patients’ problems and dilute the amount of people calling and visiting GP practices. Allowing the staff there to be able to prioritise patients who require that level of attention. If the Digital Care Navigation cannot resolve a query, it will then advise visiting the local practice. This is however, the last port of call, it should not be seen as the public’s first and only option as information is out there and made readily available. We know it is not always easily accessed at the moment and can feel hard work trying to find what you need, but our Digital Care Navigation will make all of these issues void. Providing concise information and easy-to-follow guidance to the appropriate help efficiently reduces unnecessary calls and visits resulting in cost and time saving benefits to each surgery that deploys this solution.

If you want to learn more about how this solution can improve your online patient care and help your surgery adopt a Digital First approach, please arrange a call back with our team.